Top 10 MS Teams hidden features to increase your productivity

I hope, many have started using MS Teams while working remotely — A collaboration tool for day to day conversation, In coronavirus pandemic, MS Teams have got a huge spike in their user base.

In this post, I am not going to explain common features that you might be already aware, instead, I will list Top 10 features to increase your productivity which you might not have used. Even I discovered 2 new features while writing this post.

  1. Creating Private Channels

You might have created Teams and channels inside that for different discussion topics. But have you come across a private channel feature? Using this feature you can create a channel containing a few members from the main Group.

Use Case → Say you have a Team Group containing 100 members and now you want to create a channel inside that group with only 10 members. In this case, you can create a private channel.
Benefits — No need to create different chat groups that clutter the Team and notifications.

2. Creating Tags

Tags can be used to group users.

Use Case → Say you have a Team of 100 members, now you want to send a notification to a specific group of people among 100 members. You can organize them in tags like — Developers, Testers, etc., So while adding any conversation you can use Tags to notify them instead of specifying their names always an @ mention.

Benefits → Instead of sending a notification to the whole team/channel by @ mentioning them you can use the tag to send a notification to intended users.

3. Email sent to team address is posted as a conversation in Teams

When you create a team you also get an email address associated with Team. Using this on sending email to this email address it is posted as a conversation in the Team group.

4. Connectors

MS Teams provide several connectors for the channel. Many popular connectors are applicable to ease your day to day work across different categories. These connectors are easy to configure and helps in improving productivity.

Use Case

  1. You can add an RSS Feed connector to receive a notification every day from a popular blog post.
  2. Connector for site down notification
  3. If you are from Tech team then you can add connectors for GitLab, JIRA, GitHub, Trello etc.,

5. Slash commands

In search bar type /command for quick navigation. This is a great feature for quick actions

Use Cases
/online —
Change status to online
/away —
change the status to away
/Files —
list shared files
/GoTo —
Go to a channel
/Call —
Start a call
/Saved —
Lists saved messages
/into —
More options
/WhatsNew —
open what's new

Type slash to list all available options

6. Book mark a chat content

Use case -> You can bookmark content for future use.
Use /saved command to open saved content

7. Create a Quick Poll

You can create a quick poll and post in the same Team group. Similar to this there are some more options available as shown in the below screenshots. Youtube, Wikipedia content can be embedded in the post.

8. Adding tabs

You can choose from several apps available to add as a tab in your Teams

9. Filter

Filter chats

10. Set Delivery Options

Use Case -> One of the useful options is urgent. Any message you want to send which needs urgent attention you can use this. It will keep notifying the receiver every 2 min. Until the receiver reads it.

Hope, some of the feature mentioned above you might have not used yet. These are some hidden gems to increase your productivity.

Also, do check whats new in MS Teams — /whatsnew for new releases.

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