How to install and use the Redis Explorer VS Code extension — 5 simple steps

Bharat Dwarkani
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Redis is an open-source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache, and message broker. You can find Redis CLI being used most of the time, If you are in need of a GUI for Redis then this guide is for you. A simple Visual Studio Code extension.


Download and Install VS Code
Guide on how to install VS Code Extension


1, Install this extension redis explorer by Xuan Zheng in VS Code.

Note: There are several similar extensions, cross-check name, and author of extension as in screenshot and install, since some similar extensions are not working.

2. Once installed, the extension will appear in the left panel. Click on Redis explorer icon and add a new connection.

3. Give a friendly name any suitable name for identification and hit enter.

4. Next, fill in the Redis server address without port no. If it doesn’t works give with port no. and hit enter


5. Next, enter the password for Redis, if your Redis instance doesn’t have authentication then skip this by using the escape key else enter the password and hit enter.

That’s it. Installation setup is completed

Now click on the Redis name which you have created, It will load all keys stored in Redis. You can click on any key to load its value. You can add/edit/delete Keys also

On clicking key name if you face this issue as in the screenshot below. Then workaround is just open any folder and try again.

If you are using Azure Redis then there is an extension for Azure Redis by Microsoft

By following simple steps you can get GUI for exploring Redis for free.

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