5 easy steps to install Putty and connecting to Linux Ubuntu server in Windows

Bharat Dwarkani
2 min readAug 3, 2019


Putty is a command-line interface which helps in executing commands in a remote server

  1. Download and install Putty in windows

2. Enable SSH on your Ubuntu server if not enabled, check out my previous post to enable SSH


2. Run putty in windows

Fill the Ip address of the server. Port should be 22 and make sure SSH is selected

3. Switch to SSH tab in the right panel and make sure the following option selected

3. Switch to Data option in the right panel and fill in the username of your ubuntu server

4. Now you can save your session so that next time you can use load saved settings and connect quickly

5. Next click on Open, A dialog will open for certificate click yes/Allow and you will be connected to your ubuntu server.

6. Next, a command window will be launched you can type in your Linux commands which will execute in a server

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