10 UX inspirations from Google applications

Bharat Dwarkani
4 min readNov 18, 2020


Google Material Design System has been for a quite long time and being used by several applications. While using Google Cloud I felt the better implementation of Material Design is done by Google Cloud. While surfing and using the application for quite a long time I got inspired by the User experience of the Google Cloud product.

If you are designing a Web application I recommend having a look at the UX of Google Cloud. Small UX tweaks will make your application more user friendly.

1. Text box character length validation — Google Drive Forum

A clear indication of how minimum and maximum character limit

Reference Link https://support.google.com/drive/thread/new?hl=en

2. Help text content — Google Cloud

Clear indication through validation message that this field once set cannot be changed “ Choice is permanent “.

And also a clear message of what can be filled in the field
Use lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens. Start with a letter.

Many application hides this type of content in an info icon but showing message explicitly improves usability

3. Clear representation of Hyperlink fields in the table — Google Cloud

Many applications use blue color for links which sometimes looks odd if applied on content fields.

Google Cloud does this by making Hyperlink fields darker in color and non-hyperlinks fields are lighter in color. Both use the same black color tone.

On hover link field color changes to blue with an underline

4. Freezing the action column on the right side of the table — Google Cloud

Freezing the action column on the right side improves usability, in some applications column is not frozen on the right side so in different screen resolution action column gets hidden behind the horizontal scroller. Likewise, if a table has more columns primary column on the left also can be frozen as in the below screenshot.

5. Inclusion of Contextual Help Messages, Learning Materials, Tutorials at appropriate places — Google Cloud

In Google Cloud, you can find contextual help messages/ getting started information displayed in several places, this reduces the learning curve for a new user.

6. Showing the time when a page was last refreshed — Google Cloud

Displaying a time when a page was last refreshed allows the user to make a quick decision on the spot whether a refresh is required or not.

7. Buttons with icon and text — Google Cloud

Nowadays, many application just uses icons for action buttons. But showing a button with text reduces the learning curve for the user. Even for familiar actions like Print, they show text with icons. Mainly if a page visit is not often showing icons with text is more usable.

8. Hiding the least important fields during creating action — Google Cloud

Hiding the least important or advanced configurations during action

9. Date time control — Google Cloud

Option for changing date and time by typing inside the popup

10. Delete Dialog — Google Cloud

Delete dialog with a clear indication that an operation cannot be reversed.

Some minor UX tweaks and getting inspiration from a design system makes the application more user friendly. You can find many such inspirations from several well-known products like Google, Microsoft, Atlassian, and many more to learn and apply in applications you are developing.

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